Natrona County High School

In Casper, Wyo., all eyes were on the 92-year-old Natrona County High School. Unlimited Designs was on site for three years restoring its historical elements, blending old with new in a complicated $138-million, six-phase project. The original parts were commonly created using early versions of casting plaster and either horse hair or burlap to give the parts structural strength. Over time, in many cases, the horse hair and burlap would decompose. In the process of pulling molds from these parts, great care and skill were needed to ensure that we did not lose the original shape and detail of the existing parts. Unlimited Designs would like to thank Standard Drywall, AP Wyoming (the General Contractor), & Bassetti (the Architect) for exceptional teamwork, leadership and support in making the Natrona High School another successful restoration project.

Job Information:

  • General Contractor:  AP Wyoming
  • Architect:  Bassetti Architects

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