AF Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines

Architectural fiberglass products must be properly cleaned to maintain visual and aesthetic clarity. Fiberglass products can be permanently damaged if improperly cleaned or left dirty. For example, concrete mortar or slurry can be especially damaging. Therefore, Unlimited Designs recommends strict compliance with the following procedures:

Before cleaning, make sure that your fiberglass is in a cool, clean environment, away from direct sunlight and airborne particulates. Afterwards, soak the fiberglass surfaces with clean water and soap solution to loosen dirt or debris. Using a mild, non-abrasive commercial washing solution, uniformly apply the solution to the fiberglass surfaces with a brush, strip washer or other non-abrasive applicator. Immediately following the application of the cleaning solution, remove all of the cleaning solution from the fiberglass surface. All water and cleaning solution residue should be dried from the fiberglass parts to avoid the potential for deterioration of these materials as the result of the cleaning process.

One month after installation, a high pressure washer, with pressure not exceeding 2500 PSI may be used. 90 days after installation, waxes and harsher detergents may be used, however, it is recommended that washers clean a small area, then stop and examine the surface for any damage to the fiberglass. When paint or other construction materials cannot be removed with normal cleaning procedures, a new 1 ” razor blade may be used with caution, being careful to scrape in a single direction. However, avoid using larger blades or metal scrapers, as their use carries a large probability for causing irreparable damage to the fiberglass surface.


• Test clean small areas
• Clean fiberglass when dirty
• Clean from top to bottom
• Soak surface with water and soap first
• Use a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution
• Rinse thoroughly
• Dry thoroughly


 Clean in direct sunlight or high temperatures
 Leave it dirty
 Leave it wet
 Clean before washing off loose dirt
 Use harsh abrasive cleaning solutions or materials
 Scratch exterior with metal tool