Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG)

Product Data

Interior Columns, Domes, Light Coves & Ceiling or Wall Panels


Shop drawings are submitted for verification of profiles, dimensions, and surrounding construction of GFRG units. Recommended attachment details are indicated on the shop drawings. Attachment methods shown on shop drawings are suggestions only. It is the responsibility of the installer to meet all local building codes, verify job conditions and adjust installation procedures accordingly. Some site cutting and/or grinding of parts may be required to suit job conditions. Field shimming may be required.


MatrixGypsum Cement
Glass Fiber5-6% weight, Type E 38% by volume
Thickness3/16” Nominal
Flexural Strength10, 660 PSI
Modulus of Elasticity1.43 X 10^6 PSI
Ultimate Tensile Strength2, 250 PSI (ASTM D638)
Modulus of Elasticity3.87 X 10^6 PSI
Flammability (ASTM E84-81A):Flame Spread Index -0 Smoke Developed Value -0 Fuel Contributed -0
Impact Strength (ASTM D256)12.9 ft. lb/in
Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518)“C” of 1.56 BTU/hr. ft^2 0F
Barcol Hardness (ASTM D2583)64
Rockwell Hardness (ASTM D785)98.8 ‘M’ Scale
Density106.4 lbs/ft. ^3
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (ASTM D696)5.4X10^6 in. /in/ /0f
Compressive Strength (ASTM C39/C109)7, 080 PSI
Water Resistance (ASTM C473)12.5% Weight Gain
Humidified Deflection (ASTM C473)1/8”
Toxicity NBS/U.S. TestingNon-Toxic


Mix - GFRG is batched and blended in accordance with industry standards using the specified mix design. Prefabricated glass-fiber reinforced gypsum units using multidirectional spray lay-up procedures and combined with gypsum plaster formulated for combination with glass fiber.
Application - GFRG mixture is sprayed and/or hand laid into molds designed to match the shape and dimensions shown on the approved shop drawings. The nominal shell thickness is 3/16”.
Finish - GFRG surface is smooth, ready to receive primer and paint, which is suitable for interior finish.


GFRG units are crated or palletized at the plant. Crated units are delivered to the jobsite via truck.

Unloading of crates on site is the responsibility of the installer.


Store crated GFRG products on a level surface protected from weathering and damage. Do not unpack crates until immediately prior to installation.


Use special care to prevent damage to material surface; do not allow acidic materials to come in contact with surface, as degradation and discoloration can occur.