Mesa Grove Buildings 2 & 3

A new mixed-use community called The Grove on Main has replaced vacant lots and dilapidated buildings near the temple, which was dedicated in 1927. It has been recently renovated and will be rededicated and reopening in December 2021.

The project includes 240 apartments, 12 townhomes, 70,000 square feet of landscaped open space, ground floor retail space and underground parking.

Job Information:

  • Architect: ORB Architecture
  • General Contractor: MT Builders
  • Product:  GFRC & GFRG
  • Location:  Mesa, AZ
  • Square footage:  13,500 SF
  • Contract Type:  Apartment Complex, Townhomes & Retail Space
  • Owner:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


The primary purpose for the redevelopment was to protect and enhance the environment around the grounds of the Mesa temple, as the Church considers its temples to be the most sacred places on earth. A secondary but essential reason was to attract businesses and home buyers to infuse more economic life into the community.

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