Unlimited Designs offers a wide variety of assistance in the design stages of a project. We often work closely with architects and owners as part of the design team specifying product components, attachment methods and best practices in the industry. Unlimited Designs provides full access to the experience, knowledge, and creativity in order to develop products that are aesthetic, durable, cost effective, and that exceed our customer's expectations for quality, value and service. Our services include the following:
  • Architectural Services
  • Bid Support
  • Contract Support
  • Connection detailing
  • Color/Texture Matching
  • Sample Panels (12” X 12”)
  • Technical Support
  • Panel Sizes & Joint Locations
  • Budgetary Proposals
  • Design Feasibility & Cost Tradeoffs
  • Structural Coordination (i.e. Panel Support, Slab Edge Distances)
  • Budgetary “Unit” Pricing
  • Office Visits/AIA Lunch and Learns
  • Plant Tours

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