Welcome to Unlimited Designs 2022 Annual March Madness Tournament!


March Madness means….. excitement, slam dunks and (some) unbelievable upsets.  It gives the Sports Enthusiast and the Sport Despiser to come together and both have a chance to win at some ExCeLLenT Prizes.   Please join us for this FREE March Madness Contest.

•Only ONE entry per person; however family, friends and colleagues are welcome to join.

•It’s so easy…. after Selection Sunday on March 13th, you can enter your picks HERE

•All entries MUST be entered by March 17th @ 10:00 am – NO EXCEPTIONS

•Daily Standings will be posted on our Tournament Page and then stay tuned here for daily updates on Prizes.


1ST CClayton – $200 VISA G.C. –  Clifton Larson Allen LL

2ND Tori – $200 TARGET G.C. –  Unlimited Designs

3RD Austin H. – $200 TARGET G.C. –  Unlimited Designs

4TH Carolyn Williams – $100 VISA G.C. –Clifton Larson Allen LLP

10TH Ashlynn B. – $50 G.C. – Greenstreet Mortgage

12TH Chimuelo – $50 G.C. – Johnston Rogers Financial

17TH Brian Williams – $50 G.C. – Professional Painting

29TH EjWoodsy – $25 G.C. – Benchmark Benefits

32ND maj – $25 G.C. – PAINT Sundries

50TH KarenSteele – $50 G.C. –Professional Painting

62ND Jillybean – $25 G.C. – PAINT Sundries

80TH Kxrkx963 – $50 G.C. – MCM Transportation LLC

82ND Hannah Olsen – $50 G.C. – Thatcher Company

92ND Beau Williams – STANLEY TOOL SET – Instel Steel

100TH Duke 2022 – $50 CINEMARK G.C. – LPL Financial Advisor

150TH wegee123 – $50 CINEMARK G.C. – LPL Financial Advisor

61st TO LAST Luciana G. – LEATHERBY’S G.C. – donated by the Fairbourn Family 🙂

3RD TO LAST ECraftmom– $25 G.C. – Professional Painting



•After the Championship Game on April 4th, Give us 24 hours and we’ll post ALL of the WINNERS here!


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