Welcome to Unlimited Designs 2021 Annual March Madness Tournament!

 It’s been a fun BASKETBALL Tournament… full of excitement and maybe a few tears. 🙂  Great Job to everyone who participated….

The following are this years WINNERS!!  

1st – Boyd Wagstaff ….$300 Donated by Concrete Color & Design
2nd – Allen Olsen…. $300 Donated by Clifton Larson Allen LLP
3rd – SoWoodSY…$200 Donated by Fiberlay
4th – Rasbjelly…..$50 VISA G.C. Donated by LPL Financial Advisor
5th – Tim Burgess….$50 VISA G.C. Donated by WFX Logistics
10th – Sonya Howell….$50 VISA G.C. Donated by PAINT Sundries                                       12th – T. Burgess….$50 Scheel’s G.C. & Shirt Donated by Reliance                                       17th  – Laura Steele….$50 Red Lobster GC Donated by Ensign
21st – Paul Pinkard Jr….$50 VISA G.C. Donated by WFX Logistics
29th – WASHBURN….Car Detail Kit Donated by NCS
32nd – Ryan NeVille…..$200 GameStop eG.C. donated by SU Web Agency
35th – John Canick…..$50 VISA G.C. Donated by LPL Financial Advisor
50th – Eric Martinez….$25 VISA G.C. Donated by PAINT Sundries
62nd – Dallin Olaveson….$25 G.C. Donated by Benchmark Benefits
70th – Jared Garrard….$40 Scheels GC  Donated by Professional Painting Inc.
75th –Aaron Keeeeeele……$50 GC – Donated by Greenstreet Mortgage
80th – Steve Markham…..$50 Scheels G.C. & Shirt Donated by Reliance
82nd – Rylee Lappen….$40 Scheels GC – Donated by Professional Painting Inc.
88th – Spencer R. Olsen…..Crescent Wrench Set Donated by Insteel Industries Inc.
92nd – Karen Denning…. $50 Maverik G.C. Donated by OldCastle
100th – Sheril Fairbourn….$50 Nintendo eG.C. Donated by SU Web Agency
110th – Eric Woods….$25 VISA G.C. Donated by PAINT Sundries
125th – Jimmy the Gee Sr…..Scentsy Gift Package Donated by Scentsy
150th – NOT YOU…..$25 Scheels G.C.  Donated by Professional Painting In                       175th – Thomas Olsen…$50 Amazon G.C. Donated by Thatcher Company                      200th – Travis Dulaney….Unlimited Designs SWAG                                                                225th – Nicholas Burrell….$50 GC – Donated by JohnstonRogers Financial Advisors    250th – Katie Olsen….Knife and Shirt Donated by Reliance                                                   60th to Last – Bridger Clayton… Leatherby’s G.C. Donated by Anonymous M.M.Enthusiast
3rd to Last – Rebecca Frost….$25 VISA G.C. Donated by WFX Logistics



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